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Pre-30-Days Wrap

Pre-30-Days Wrap

Total Life Changes Pre 30 Day Giveaway


For all those who were part of our “Pre-30-Days” contest, thank you for your participation. Those who took part figured out how easy it was to win by registering for the contest and simply posting the supplied URL that tallied how many times their unique link was clicked. The following people were such a strong part of the commitment to what TEAM TLC is all about – TEAMWORK. And for that, we salute you.

If you see your information below, please feel free to reach out and contact our corporate headquarters at 888-873-1898. Verify your information with one of our telephone operators and claim your prize. This week we will be wrapping the prizes and shipping them off just in time for Christmas.  We’re here to deliver clean, clear skin to people everywhere in this big round world we live in …

That’s it for us, we look forward to chatting with you all soon!

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