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Get Uncomfortable with Yourself

Get Uncomfortable with Yourself

National Director Bonita Lee explains how to get uncomfortable with yourself.

A corporate team member listens in on Team TLC’s weekly Hour of Power call.

TLC Team USA explains how to get uncomfortable with yourself on last week’s Hour of Power phone call. It began at 8PM Central. This week, National Director Bonita Lee hosted the call. She was filling in for some of Team USA’s ambassadors while they were “scouting” the location for the Regional and Above Cancun Excursion scheduled for October 2015.

Just by chance, one of our corporate team members tuned in to listen in on the call late Sunday night and has provided Team TLC Marketing with an inside scoop. Bonita began the Hour of Power call with her own personal testimony of success in Total Life Changes. She shared how her family had been struggling for some time, and just prior to Christmas, she and her husband were faced with the decision to pay their home mortgage or purchase gifts for their family. They decided that the most responsible decision was to secure the payment of their mortgage. This is a familiar situation to thousands of families in the United States and even more so in disadvantaged countries.

Hasan & Bonita Lee-McClain joined Total Life Changes in September 2014. By Christmas time they had made plenty of progress in building their business, but they were still nowhere near comfortable with themselves, their business or their financial situation. They continued to work their business and in just over six months, they are now National Directors for TLC. The financial freedom has completely changed their lives. They are now able to offer their children opportunities to explore their interests; whether it is sports, music or dance, their children now have a chance to experience any and all of these activities without the feeling of guilt.

Bonita then discussed a recent event that was hosted by a local radio station in Philadelphia. Bonita and 13 of her team members rented a table for the event. They made sure to have plenty of products, brochures and pictures of their personal testimonies in sight. The stage was set. Now it was a matter of getting people to visit their event table. Bonita’s next move was a complete game changer. She explained how she took all 500 of her business cards outside the doors of the event, where the crowds were lined up to enter. “I felt something come over me, telling me to just announce who I am and what kinds of products I offer; and to be sure to visit our TLC booth once inside the event. People were coming up to me asking me for more information. Not one person refused to accept my card,” she stated on the call.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Learning how to get out of your comfort zone and getting “uncomfortable” within your own skin can really produce results. Bonita assured the listeners that the TLC table was packed. There was a line to get up to the front of the table to view the testimonies and gather more information about the products. Bonita stated, “Let me tell you this, I didn’t know I had it in me. Something came over me outside of that event and just told me to get loud. It said don’t just walk up to people and see if they will take a card. Start getting loud. I started talking louder and louder about who I was representing and what our table had to offer. In less than 10 minutes I had already run out of 500 business cards.”

The purpose of the Hour of Power call is to capture people’s spirit and fill it with positive affirmation. Our corporate insider told Team TLC Marketing, “There was a tremendous amount of energy on that call. When Bonita discussed how she became uncomfortable with herself outside of that event, first by just handing out some cards and then later, once something came over her, she just got loud, that’s when she started to see the results. She was getting a reaction from the crowd. People were approaching her instead of her approaching others. She decided at that moment that if she was going to really make a difference for herself, for her business, she needed others to hear her and get a reaction out of them,” our corporate insider explains.

The call did not end there. Bonita turned it over to TLC Director Lynn Emma who resides in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Lynn took the call over for real. She began preaching and teaching. Our insider told Team TLC Marketing that it was absolutely amazing. Lynn hammered home the concept of getting uncomfortable with yourself in order to grow your business. Lynn spoke for at least ten minutes at an incredible pace and took the call to a whole notha’ level.

Team TLC Marketing prepared this article to acknowledge the passion and dedication from our TLC representatives and their burning desire to help people win. To help others get healthy. To help others earn additional income. This is an incredible time to be a part of TLC and the movement that is sweeping across the country and abroad. We understand that with this great success come some hardships. Our corporate office has been experiencing the growing pains of this success every single day. Our corporate executives are working tirelessly to get ahead of this growth, to get your tea orders out to you much faster, to get your calls answered effectively and in a timely manner and to provide you with greater communication so that you too can grow your business more effectively.

All of the critical systems of our corporate infrastructure are being improved. Some of these upgrades have even caused intermittent problems. Upgrading phone services requires much more than the flip of a switch and retaining additional distributors that maintain the integrity of the product also takes a considerable amount of time. So against all of these odds, it was so very refreshing to receive a report from one of our corporate team members stating that the spirit in the field is alive and well; more powerful now than ever before!

Thank you Bonita Lee and Lynn Emma for your passion, your commitment and your time for sharing this movement with others.


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