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04 Feb 2015

Tabata Training

TLC Recommends Tabata Training

Tabata was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

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[Infographic] The Ancient Superfood Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years but now their health benefits are increasingly being supported by science.

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Greater Health. Greater Wealth.

How Iaso Tea Is Setting Reps Free!

Martha “Slim Tea” is on the Move

Martha Mboh Eyabi from Dallas, Texas was first introduced to Total Life Changes by a strong and ambitious woman, Stevii Mills. Well known in the marketing world of successful entrepreneurs, Martha felt that she was in good hands with Stevii. She has been banging out her own business at an alarming rate these past 8 months since joining Total Life Changes.

Martha’s hard work, consistency and dedication to duplicating that regimen within her team has led her to promoting 3 new Executives Directors: Bridgette Sanders of Texas, Stella Adesiyan of United Kingdom, Elizabeth Adeiye of United Kingdom and 7 new Directors, while positioning herself to make Regional Director! “I’m so excited. We had a record breaking week!”

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Top 10 Mistakes Network Marketers Make When Starting Out

When a person decides to get involved in internet marketing things can be a bit confusing at first. If you are not careful, there can be a major information overload. If you are struggling with becoming a successful internet marketer or are simply struggling with generating leads, this article will help you overcome many of the mistakes that new network marketers make when they are first starting out.

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Lisa Thomas is Taking the Pounds Down!

Team TLC gets to the bottom of her weight loss success.
The right products. Improved diet. Plenty of exercise.


TLC: What one moment led you to your recent dedication to improving your health?

LT: I was in Miami, Florida several months ago, spending time with my family. I was alone in a room, just thinking about why I felt so depressed. I opened my laptop and logged onto Facebook. The first post in the newsfeed was a picture of Waleska Baez.It was a really incredible picture of her before and after weight loss testimony using TLC products. I couldn’t believe it.

TLC: Were you using TLC products at this time?

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6 Simple Ways to Stay Balanced

Life gets so busy with work, family, and social engagements. It’s easy to let yourself get caught up in the grind and forget to take time for yourself, but if you start neglecting yourself, then all aspects of your life will suffer. It might seem hard to take time for yourself when everything else is demanding your attention, but you can start to stay balanced by taking these easy steps to manage your life.

1. Work out.

This might sound like more work for some of you—or is that just me? Trying to make time for the gym just isn’t something I get excited about, so it’s easy to push that to the bottom of my To Do list—and then never get to it.

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