Life Has Enough Challenges, Make Changes.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate and thank each and every one of our TLC customers and independent business owners. This past year, “OUR” company has demonstrated such a commitment to sharing the products and the lucrative home-based business opportunity to family, friends, former/current colleagues and entrepreneurial networkers all over the Internet. The result is a tremendous amount of MOMENTUM into this New Year. 

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The past twelve months have truly been amazing for our company. We here at Total Life Changes are able to look back on 2014 with enormous and delightful pride as we recount all of our triumphant business achievements. During this year, we achieved remarkable goals and even reached out internationally for further expansion. In this article, we would like to remind Team TLC just where our company has been and how we plan to move forward. Total Life Changes was able to hand out millions in funds to our top achievers. During 2014, we also saw operations vastly expand across the globe. TLC was able to open offices in many new markets. This included Thailand, Colombia and Ghana, Africa. Our American operations saw vast growth as well. The Fontana, California office was pleased to host many events and fulfill record-setting product orders. We were also able to salute many effective new company members who have helped launch our glorious Beautiful You Tour.

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The Beautiful You Tour in Houston was another amazing event!

The start of The Beautiful You Tour held on September 27th treated those in attendance with a peak at new TLC products coming in 2015.  Bringing both an instant and long lasting positive change to one’s health and beauty in our new bundled products.  Attendees were able to see and test-drive our waist training compression garments first hand during our live runway fashion show.  The before and after show further demonstrated just how impactful waist-training garments can be to improve one’s appearance.

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Daniel Adu Boahen TLC Ghana

Daniel Adu Boahen – Team Ghana

The expansion of TLC Ghana is continuing thanks to several individuals who have set up some great goals for introducing the company to Ghana.  Daniel Adu Boahen has been responsible for expanding Total Life Changes into Ghana.  Daniel first learned about the opportunities with TLC from one of his Ghanaian friends named David Akakpo.  Akakpo had heard about Total Life Changes from his friend Paul Atwal who is based in the United Kingdom.

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12 Nov 2014

Will Herbal Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

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Green TeaHerbal tea has become a famous way to lose weight faster, prompting many who are aiming to lose fat to try it out.

But does this beverage really provide benefit in regard to weight loss, and if so, how? We’ll provide a more in depth look at the power behind this natural drink.

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TLC National Director, Gonzalo Belloso

Shares His Steps to Success

I met Armand Puyolt and his wife Esther Ramos at a Denny’s Restaurant in San Dimas, California in November 2012. It was, now that I remember, the beginning of the fall season when everything was changing colors, and I was about to change my life with TLC. He presented me the compensation plan on a yellow pad and invited me to drink the Iaso™ Tea. At that moment, I was not convinced nor impressed. To me, it just seemed like any other company with your average product trying to be pushed into the market. But I decided to stay and continue listening to Armand and his wife.

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