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TLC Sales & Marketing Tools

Total Life Changes strives to provide our Independent Distributors with the tools they need to market and promote their business effectively…

Often times, our TLC Team Members create their own sales tools & marketing materials. For those occasions, we have created the following policies to protect the Company (TLC) and the Iaso™ line of products; both of which are branded and trademarked. We strive to ensure that our TLC Team Members are educated on the products they sell and distribute and do not make claims that misrepresent TLC or the entire line of Iaso™ products.

Team TLC Distributor Agreement

Total Life Changes™ is the sole owner of the Iaso™, Iaso™ Skin and Iaso™ Café trademarks. By signing the Team TLC Distributor Agreement, each TLC Team Member agrees that they will not use the Total Life Changes’™ trade name/ trademarks (TLC/Iaso™) except in the advertising and marketing tools provided by the Company or without prior written approval by the Company. These include apparel (t-shirts, hats, other clothing), promotional items (pens, decals, car window shields, beverage cups, etc.), advertising (TV, radio, internet), print tools (flyers, postcards, banners, brochures, etc.), website domains, website systems (replicable websites, training, etc) and other forms of display that promote the company, the products, or the opportunity.

Company marketing tools and materials may not be duplicated or re-produced. This includes manuals, Audio CDs, DVDs, brochures, business cards, websites, web videos, etc. Reproduction of corporate developed materials for personal use or re-sale for profit will not be tolerated, and can result in deactivation and financial ramifications. Under certain conditions, TLC Team Leaders may be permitted to create additional marketing materials for personal and team use only. Any item created outside those provided by the Company must use the “Team TLC” logos provided by the company, and will not misrepresent the item or message as being a corporate sponsored or endorsed item. These cannot say “Iaso™” or “Iaso™ Skin.” All logos MUST stay in the correct format and font type as provided by the company. Logos are part of legal entities and trademarks, and are taken very seriously by Total Life Changes™. Any supplemental materials created by a TLC Team Member must be approved in writing by the Team TLC Marketing Department before they can be used. Please email your request and a copy of the proposed item or literature to the marketing department:

The intent behind TLC Team Member produced materials should be to support the expansion of their TLC business. Distributors should not be in the business of soliciting other distributors to buy their merchandise. Distributors may not sell their own merchandise on Total Life Changes™ provided websites, at company sponsored events, on Facebook, or other social media forums where the TLC Community has a presence. The Distributor income opportunity should revolve around the sale of Iaso™ products. No more than 5% of a TLC Team Leaders total income should be made from selling their personal tools. Total Life Changes™ reserves the right to ask for an audit of sales, to ensure compliance with a focus on selling products. Refusal of the audit is grounds for termination. Advertising, including Radio, TV, and affiliate programs (internet lead generation), internet banner ads and other types of marketing tools that mention Total Life Changes™ or Iaso™, Iaso™ Skin or Iaso™ Café products or the company business opportunity needs to follow the same policy and be approved by the Company before they are aired, to ensure compliance with the brand, the product and opportunity claims. Any violation of the above policies could result in the termination of your membership. A TLC Team Member who uses unapproved marketing materials assumes all liability for any claims that may violate FTC or FDA regulations. Distributors who violate this policy can also be held responsible for any potential revenue loss, legal fees, or other company losses that that may result from their violation.


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