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TLC Capsule Logo


A classic logo with a modern twist. Our most current logo is available to use with any of your campaigning needs. Strong, sexy and brave sums up this TLC capsule.

TLC Chrome


Chrome has been used for decades to improve the aesthetics of America’s most cherished automobiles and motorcycles. Adding to what is already considered a masterpiece of craftsmanship, chrome provides a rich accent to perfection. Anyway, we just know it looks badass!

TLC Classic


Our original logo. Come to be known as a “classic”, a word used to say that something is considered one of the best of its kind. We are, a classic!

TLC Tungsten


Tungsten is a hard, rare metal that is found naturally on Earth only in chemical compounds. The word tungsten comes from the Swedish language tung sten directly translatable to heavy stone, symbolizing the strength of TLC.


Iaso™ Tea

tea 2

This logo was inspired by the IMPACT of TLC’s #1 all-natural health and wellness product, the ACTION of our leaders, the STRENGTH of our IBO’s worldwide, and the OPPORTUNITY that TLC’s compensation plan offers to fund your dreams.

Iaso™ Nutraburst


Your Health Comes First with NutrBurst. TLC’s first and still favorite product back at HQ. This bold mark was inspired by the huge benefits of the #1 multi-vitamin liquid formula in the industry.

Iaso™ NRG


Three powerful letters that spell out what you can expect to feel… clean, effective energy without the jitters. The font was inspired by super-fast & powerful kung fu warriors.

Iaso™ Techui


Named after the ancient Aztecs of the 16th century that formed spirulina cakes called Tecuitlatl. We couldn’t say it either… finally someone sneezed and “Techui” was born.

Iaso™ Gano


A mighty font was needed for one of the most powerful all-natural medicinal mushrooms in the world, called Ganoderma Lucidum. We shortened it of course.

Iaso™ Chaga


A definitive font for a monster of a muchsroom. Iaso™ Chaga is 100% pure Siberian Chaga, currenlty being studied for its impact on restoring cancerous cells.

Iaso™ HCG


This logo is lean and identifiable with one of the most effective weight loss supplements in today’s market. Our Iaso™ mark gives it that personal touch that allows you to market it with the recognition of a reputable brand.

Iaso™ StrikeUp


A truly original work of art that represents the impact of the product. Strike Up has assisted hundreds of thousands of men restore their relationships by bringing the boom back to the bedroom.

Iaso™ Love


A logo that spells out its results. This logo is sexy and identifies with the sensual pleasures that are reached when the lights go out.

Iaso™ Cafe


The Iaso™ Cafe logo has earned quite a reputation around the world. It is strong and recognizable and can go toe-to-toe with any cup a joe. It wins every time because our blends are packed with the power of medicinal mushrooms.


Iaso™ Cafe


Chrome plating. The strengthening effect of forming stable metal carbides. We just know it looks badass!

Iaso™ Love


A classic logo with a modern twist. Our most current logo is available to use with any of your campaigning needs. Strong, sexy and brave, we think you’ll be able to make some great use of this logo.

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