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TLC’s Road-To-Vegas Sweepstakes

TLC's Road-To-Vegas Sweepstakes

TLC’s Road-To-Vegas Sweepstakes

Four Lucky Winners will win $250 in cash or over $250 in Iaso™ products from TLC.

How to Get Started

Visit our current contest page link, posted on Facebook each week. After submitting your info you will be granted instant access to your unique URL and receive an email confirming your participation in the Vegas Viral Video Contest. Just copy and paste it or use our social media buttons to post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to start earning points for each share. So after the above, Don’t Forget! You will receive an email from TeamTLC and you MUST confirm your subscription in order to participate & earn points on the contest.


Each week the contestant with the highest accumulated points will receive a personal invitation from Total Life Change’s CEO Jack Fallon to attend the TLC Summer Extravaganza Business Convention in Las Vegas.

Get in the Spotlight

If the winning contestant chooses to purchase a ticket to attend our Summer Extravaganza, he/she will receive a $250 cash prize on stage with Jack and attend an exclusive dinner with TLC’s top earners. Each week the winner may choose to opt-out of purchasing a ticket to the TLC Summer Extravaganza and instead will receive over $250 in Iaso™ products.

Why Go to Vegas?

Each winner is encouraged to attend the TLC Summer Extravaganza Business Convention to learn how easy it is to build your very own business and make BIG money in TLC. Use the products. Get results. Share your experience with others. That’s it. No start up fees. No tricks or smoke in mirrors.


Week 1:

Road to Las Vegas Sweepstakes

Week 2:

Road to Las Vegas Round 2

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