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Total Life Changes Expansion Continues in Ghana

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Total Life Changes Expansion Continues in Ghana
Daniel Adu Boahen TLC Ghana

Daniel Adu Boahen – Team Ghana

The expansion of TLC Ghana is continuing thanks to several individuals who have set up some great goals for introducing the company to Ghana.  Daniel Adu Boahen has been responsible for expanding Total Life Changes into Ghana.  Daniel first learned about the opportunities with TLC from one of his Ghanaian friends named David Akakpo.  Akakpo had heard about Total Life Changes from his friend Paul Atwal who is based in the United Kingdom.

David informed Daniel that the opportunity looked promising.  However, Daniel, having many years of experience working in the industry wanted to make sure to take the time to research TLC and its products. After spending some time looking into the products and learning more about the compensation plan, Daniel is now building a business through Total Life Changes. In a recent interview Daniel discussed some of his first thoughts about being offered a business opportunity with Total Life Changes.

Team Ghana Learns More About TLC’s Excellent Comp Plan

When Daniel was first introduced to the program, he states that he saw the potency of it and wanted to communicate with Paul Atwal from the United Kingdom to make sure that what he was reading was real.  Daniel had worked with several other network marketing companies over the years and was a bit skeptical of the compensation plan that was being presented.  He states that after he spoke with Paul and learned more about the program, he felt more comfortable about the opportunity and the fact that the comp plan was legitimate.   “Paul took me through the entire business plan and assisted me in many diverse ways.  I am so grateful to him because he taught me what it takes to help people succeed in the networking industry.”

Like many new independent business owners, Daniel was eager to get started.  However, he also wanted to make sure that everything was in order first.  He decided to discuss the opportunity with one of his colleagues named Stephen Adu Asare.  Stephen is one of the most committed networkers around.  Daniel says that Stephen embraced the idea of building TLC in Ghana.  The two worked together to form ideas on how to get the program started.

In less than six months TLC Ghana has been able to register six products in the country.  Daniel along with his team worked to acquire an office space and is currently renovating it to become their base of operations.

“TLC is a company that has all it takes to change the lives of people. It has actually changed my life already.” – Daniel Adu Boahen

The products that TLC offers is something Daniel is very excited to introduce to the people of Ghana.  “I entreat every Ghanaian to take the following products seriously by looking at how effective they are: Iaso™ Tea, Gano, Nutraburst, NRG, and HCG. I truly feel that when considering how these products work, each home in Ghana needs to have one.”

Speaking about his experience with TLC, Daniel says, “So far I have worked with a few networks, but when looking at the compensation plan and the products of TLC, I simply cannot compare TLC to any of the other companies.  TLC is a solid company and is ready to change people’s lives.”

Total Life Changes Supports and Listens to IBOs in Ghana

Starting any new business comes with its own set of challenges and Team Ghana was no exception.  Daniel was able to work through those challenges due in part to TLC Corporate listening to the IBO’s.  Because of this, TLC Ghana has been able to put almost all of the arrangements in place to get the business up and running smoothly in the country without many worries.

Team Ghana held their first corporate event on October 25, 2014.  The event was hosted at the Holiday Inn Hotel located in Accra, Ghana. There were about 400 guests who attended and graced this very successful event.  When asked about the event, Daniel said that one of the most exciting parts about the event was that some people had to stand in order to listen to the presentation because the house was so packed.

Daniel’s goal is to be able to share TLC products and the business opportunity all over the African continent by the year 2016.  He wants Africans to be able to see the benefits of network marketing and learn how to secure their financial freedom with the company.

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