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Will Herbal Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Will Herbal Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Green TeaHerbal tea has become a famous way to lose weight faster, prompting many who are aiming to lose fat to try it out.

But does this beverage really provide benefit in regard to weight loss, and if so, how? We’ll provide a more in depth look at the power behind this natural drink.

What Herbal Tea Does

The benefits of herbal tea are very useful for anyone aiming to lose weight. While in your body, it:

  • Raises your metabolism
  • Signals your body to burn fat
  • Reduces appetite
  • Increases energy
  • Improves concentration

In fact, according to the Obesity publication in 2007, green tea can increase the rate at which you burn fat at complete rest by 5%. This means that drinking green tea can help you lose weight, even if you’re just sitting at your desk or even napping. If you’re exercising, it becomes even more helpful, meaning you get more results from the exact same workout you do normally.

How Iaso™ Tea Works

TLC ‘s exclusive proprietary blend of Iaso™ tea is a potent antioxidant that fights dangerous free radicals that can otherwise lead to diseases such as cancer. Its ability to help you lose weight can be just as impressive.

When you drink Iaso™ tea, you’re also ingesting a potent natural antioxidant called EGCG. This substance breaks down something called COMT, which is what metabolizes norepinepherine, a natural neurotransmitter closely related to adrenaline.

The result is a surge of energy and suppression of your appetite. There’s also another bonus, because the neurotransmitters released when you drink Iaso™ tea signal your body to burn fat.

Since herbal tea also contains a small amount of natural caffeine, this works in harmony with the EGCG to potentiate its effects. That’s why Iaso™ tea can be more powerful than simple extracts, which lack the full benefits herbal tea can provide.

Iaso TeaIs Herbal Tea for Me?

Since it’s an all natural substance that’s been consumed by humans (especially in the Eastern world) for millennia, we know consuming herbal tea is a safe process. Even more, herbal tea has been shown to provide numerous health benefits in addition to weight loss, and is consumed in vast quantities by cultures who continue to set longevity records.

With that in mind, there’s no downside to trying it. Herbal tea is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight or have more energy – so if you fit into those categories, Iaso™ tea is likely just right for you.

Since the studies continue to show results in herbal tea trials, it’s one of the few things proven to produce weight loss. With its ability to burn fat at rest, or greatly enhance the results from traditional diet and exercise, it can help you no matter what your approach is to getting in shape.

It’s a delicious way to give you that boost you need.  Pour your brewed Iaso™ tea over ice for a cooling drink that’s perfect any time of the year. Two cups a day eh?


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